About Us

Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. founded in June of 2011, is an environmentally friendly commercial and industrial cleaning contracting company, with a special cultivated expertise in environmentally friendly reclamation pressure washing and industrial surface cleaning.  A niche contracting business local to Redmond, WA the Seattle area, and the Greater Puget Sound, we have co-evolved as a cleaning company with the ecological system within which we operate.  Our company's main operational principals:  To perform our work and our trade in a way that contributes to the larger social effort of the restoration of our natural environment,  while providing good living wages to our employees, which creates the scaffolding upon which we can offer a superior service experience to our customers.  To elevate in every dimension, the efficiency of the exchange of resources between us and our customers.  That is to say, leveraging the incredible and often unrecognized power of human beings, in combination with creative and innovative machine design to bring into manifestion now, and demonstrate the ideal, that what is good for the person, is good for the environment, and better for the bottom line.  To step up to the plate and take on the challenge of bringing environmentally and storm water friendly reclamation pressure washing tactics to a very crowded field of customers and competing vendors long accustomed to traditional techniques that have a negative effect on the ecology of our local natural waters.


To understand the unique nature and character of our company, it helps to know how we came up in the business world and the experiences that shaped us.  Nearly killed in the cradle, born at the height of the second great economic recession, with a powerful intention to bring more labor and resource intensive environmental tactics to bear when nearly everyone was trying to cut costs, necessarily checked us into a small and uncommon niche.  Like any organism in nature, faced with the universal choice to adapt  or perish, we became specialists, taking on the most unusual and difficult projects, operating on the fringes of the industry.  But what were the fringes of the industry, is now the middle ground...  Uniquely trained, and superbly equipped with the machinery and expertise necessary for our initial survival, we have achieved our once imagined goal of bringing effective and affordable environmental reclamation pressure washing to the Greater Puget Sound region!


Our Team

 A highly motivated, personally empowered, self initiating group of individuals who have had the brightness of their consciousness and the sharpness of their awareness honed in the crucible of daily problem solving in often adverse and uncomfortable physical working conditions.  A hard working group, well trained.  The best kind of people you want in the worst conditions...

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Company Owner, President & Founder

Ben Shrope, the company's owner and founder, established Mechanized Cleaning Solutions, Inc. in June of 2011.  Designer, creator, and builder of the company's custom equipment, he draws on a wide base of experiential work backgrounds ranging from customer service to his time as a mechanized infantry soldier in the U.S. Army.