Parking Garage Cleaning

Environmentally and eco friendly hot water reclamation pressure washing and industrial surface cleaning.  Whether it's new construction dust clean up, oil stain removal, a light duty spot clean & power sweep, or a full industrial hot water surface cleaning & restoration of all surfaces, we have a special cultivated expertise having successfully cleaned thousands of parking garages in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, the East Side, and the Greater Puget Sound Region.

Customize Your Scope of Work

We can provide you with light duty targeted cleaning, low cost preventative maintenance or a full restoration of all inward facing surfaces, and your multi level garages can remain in safe operation during work with no concern for leaking surfaces, carbon monoxide build up, or fire alarms and suppression systems being activated.

100% Capture/0% Discharge

Our custom built low profile hot water machines, custom low profile industrial vacuums, and working attachments give us full control of the used wash water.  

Environmentally Friendly

Parking garages being what they are, are generally places where toxic pollutants accumulate in much higher concentrations, whether it's brake and exhaust particulates or heavy metals and free oils, it is all removed and collected to be properly disposed of at industrial waste treatment facilities.

A close look at our central hot water cleaning process.  Generally speaking, there are a few tasks, some which are labor intensive, before and after this part of the process to prepare the surfaces for the central part of the work...  But as you can see, we are able to thoroughly clean every square inch of masonry, at point blank range, and maintain complete control over the path the wash water takes before it finds it's final destination at treatment and disposal...  Completely safe for existing paint and striping, and also an absolutely fantastic preparation for new paint!  After we do our work, your surfaces could not be prepped any better to make your new paint job last as long as possible, as all surface sediment that otherwise undermines long term adhesion is totally removed!