Hot Water Reclamation Pressure Washing

Hot or Cold pressure washing seamlessly integrated with waste water reclamation.  Usually performed due to environmental rules and regulations, or specific project logistical challenges such as lack of proper drainage, or leaking surfaces, it generally involves the use of more equipment and deployment resources, in addition to requiring greater experience, planning and preparation...


Industrial Hot Water Machines

MI-TM Corp. Industrial grade commercial hot water skids.  Belt driven pressure pumps incorporating gear reduction, powered by 20hp Honda small engines.  Integrated 110v generators fire the fuel oil burners with power to spare for running auxiliary equipment such as water pumps or lighting in dark conditions.


Powerful Custom Built Industrial Vacuums

Our custom built industrial vacuums use positive displacement roots blowers to supply vacuum pressure to the carbon steel vacuum tanks, and are powered by 20hp Honda small engines.  Vacuum equipment requires a lot of energy, and generates a lot of excessive noise, which is often a problem in real world working conditions, so we fit the blower exhaust ports with multiple 3" Magnaflow automotive mufflers.

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Environmentally Sound

Regardless of the use of hot or cold wash water, protecting the quality of our storm water runoff is not only imperative for the continuation of our civilization, it is also the law of the land.  Not only do we protect the storm water infrastructure with 100% capture/0% discharge, we can leave it better than we found it by cleaning out catch basins of stored settled solids and free oils, leaving them perfectly clean down to bare concrete, ready to accept a fresh prime by new flow...